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Primitive Renditions

2/Set Spring Blessings Block w/Flower Chunky Gnome 3 Asstd.

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The Spring Blessings Block and Flower Gnome figurines are an assortment of three two-piece-set tabletop spring decorations. Each set includes a white wooden block, reading “Garden”, “Blessed”, or “Spring” in yellow, blue, or pink block lettering. Along with each wooden word block is a matching wooden gnome block, complete with floral artwork and a checkered hat in yellow, blue, or pink. Each word block comes in a set with the corresponding gnome hat for a cohesively colorful visual. Display the gnomes stacked atop the phrase blocks and place on a tray, riser, shelf, or table for a whimsical accent to the home during Spring. Each word block measures 1” high by 4” wide by .75” deep. Each gnome figurine measures 6” high by 3” wide by .75” deep. Please note: This item features a variety of designs which are each sold individually as sets of two pieces.