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Primitive Renditions

A Beautiful Day In Heaven Framed Print

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The Beautiful Day Print is a decorative wooden quote print with a white background and blue floral artwork held inside of a black wooden shadowbox frame. The print has black lettering with a bereavement poem, reading “It’s a beautiful day in Heaven. Death is but a passing from darkness into light. I awakened from my sleep and beheld a glorious sight. It’s a beautiful day in Heaven. Love is everywhere. Peace and comfort surround me. No place on earth can compare. I could never begin to describe the wondrous things I see. If you could glimpse at Heaven, you’d shed no tears for me. Keep my memory in your heart. Time will pass and then, one beautiful day in Heaven, we’ll be together again.” This print makes a beautiful bereavement gift or addition to the home to honor the memory of a loved one. Display hanging on a wall or standing on a shelf or mantel. Measures 18” high by 12” wide by 2” deep. Made in the USA!