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Primitive Renditions

Boozy Witchy Batty Cutout Word Sitter 3 Asstd.

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The Boozy Witchy Batty Word Sitters are an assortment of three wooden cutout word blocks with blocked graphic lettering. One sitter reads “boozy” in orange lettering with a white ghost and black cobwebs; measures 2” high by 6.75” wide by .25” deep. Another sitter reads “witchy” in purple lettering with a pair or black witch’s boots; measures 1.75” high by 7.75” wide by .25” deep. The third sitter reads “batty” in gray lettering with a black vampire bat, orange pumpkin, and star graphics; measures 1.75” high by 8” wide by .25” deep. Please note: This item features a variety of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set).