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Primitive Renditions

*Dog Bone Christmas Sign 3 Asstd.

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The Dog Bone Christmas Signs are an assortment of three wooden dog bone figurines with a distressed wood grain look and white finish. The signs have festive borders, pawprint graphics, and a playful red and green font, reading “The World’s Greatest Dog!”, “Have a Doggone Good Holiday”, or “Puppy’s First Christmas”. These signs make a wonderful gift for a dog-lover, and each includes an arched black metal hanger to use for display on a Christmas tree, frame, or wall. Each sign measures 5.5” high (with hanger) by 8.5” wide. Please note: This Item features a variety of designs which are each sold individually (not as a set). Please add a note in your cart to indicate your preference.  If no style is specified, one will be selected at random by our team.